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About Us

Marsue May, RN / Certified Health Coach 

As a Registered Nurse, Marsue is knowledgeable in many areas of health, but particularly autoimmunity, cardiovascular disease, and endocrinology. Marsue received advanced practitioner training on the AIP protocol from Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, Angie Alt, and Mickey Trescott.  After completing the coursework and demonstrating mastery of the AIP protocol, Marsue received the distinguished recognition of becoming an AIP Certified Health Coach in 2018.  She also studied functional medicine at the School of Applied Functional Medicine whereby she incorporates functional medicine expertise in finding the root cause across various chronic conditions.    Through intensive study of chronic disease etiology, functional physiology, and evidence-based intervention, along with hands-on clinical practice, AFMC certified practitioners are uniquely qualified to provide individually targeted strategies that address the multifaceted nature of chronic health challenges.  Marsue received the AFMC (Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching) certification in 2020 which requires over 600 hours of rigorous training in advanced functional medicine sciences and validated application through clinical case studies.

In Marsue’s practice, she acts as a bridge between the client’s or physician’s recommended lifestyle changes, individual personal goals, and whatever is preventing the accomplishment of goals. She respects the individuality of every client and does not impose a specific regimented program. She is familiar with many different ways of eating that can support your health as not everyone thrives on the same foods. Marsue looks at not only food and exercise, but other factors in client’s lives that may influence health like stress, sleep, toxins, and relationships. Marsue partners with practitioners as she understands the language, tools, labs tests, and protocols and can help support the patient on the journey to healing.

When Marsue is not working as an RN or health coach, she enjoys swing dancing, playing pickleball, camping with her husband in the RV, working out, and walking her dog (a coton de tulear). 

Kimberly Dwyer, RN / Bioenergy Medicine Practitioner

Kimberly has been a Registered Nurse for over 24 years with exceptional knowledge in multiple areas of healthcare.   After many years of traditional healthcare, it became evident that healing needed to be about the whole person.  Understanding that body, mind and spirit are interconnected, with interplay among emotions, social or cultural learnings, relationships and the environment is what enhances the healing of the whole person.  In focusing care on the whole person, Kimberly sees each client as an individual and partner with them, recognizing and honoring that each person comes with their experiences and beliefs that are part of the healing process.

Kimberly’s experience in healthcare allows for collaboration with the other healthcare providers and practitioners when needed and the ability to understand diagnoses, illnesses and concerns to a full extent. 

Kimberly believes care should focus on unity, wellness and the interrelationship of clients and their environment.  Having extensive knowledge of conventional medicine, complementary and alternative therapies allows for a whole person approach.  Kimberly looks forward to working with you on your journey to becoming whole.